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Your wedding package will include raw footage of your wedding. This includes every single video clip of your wedding day and will be delivered in a video format for you to watch!

The most detailed oriented emotionally capturing wedding videographer in North Carolina.

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 "When first doing research on Charlotte/Asheville videographers, Molly stood out to others – her style felt more intimate and personal in comparison to larger studios who treat all weddings and couples similarly. During our first call, Molly took the time out to see what was important to us in our video and really made the effort to get to know us. 

Molly is SO detail oriented which makes her brilliant – she has an undeniable gift for this.
 Molly made our video OUR story- she captured all of the raw emotion from our day SO well. Molly chose the perfect songs for our wedding trailer & wedding video and everything blended seamlessly. 

 Molly included the important people in our lives in our video and transitioned footage that intertwined spot on with our vows..."

-Shannon + Daniel

“Molly was very clear on what she needed from us and after one call I really felt like she knew the vision we had and she did not disappoint!  She incorporated our family members and got clips from both our grandparents in our final video. We will absolutely cherish this video for the rest of our lives and I’m so glad we chose to go with Molly."

"Molly put so much thought into what she filmed, who she have shots of, and the USB drive that you get after it's all said and done. I love showing these videos off to my family and friends to the point where we have all of the songs and speeches memorized. Having Molly as part of our wedding day was so special, and the family heirloom that they gave us will forever be cherished. In two words, do it! "

 Michael & Jessica


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