What You Will Learn:

 -You will receive detailed notes with each section as we go along. 
Once you master one section we will then go to the next section. You will be sitting right next to me watching me edit a wedding. We will practice together and I will teach you each section of the editing process.

-We will go over each section in person and then you will practice that section on your own with a wedding footage that I have until you master it. Then we will move on to the next section. If you feel you need to meet again for that section we can do that as well.

-I use final cut pro and that is what I will teach you. Final cut Pro can only be used in an Apple lap top or computer.

1. Learning the keyboard shortcuts in Final Cut Pro to make your editing faster 
-learning the Final Cut Pro Tools: Zoom, blade, range, trim, select, automatic speed, slow down the speed, speed up speed, lower volume keyframe, add an audio keyframe, range select audio, audio fades, zoom in and zoom out, add markers, add transition.
-How to set up the folders & renaming files to set up your library

2. Setting up the Library
-import clips,organize footage in the final cut pro library,prepare multi cams for audio, and sift through footage and audio

Choosing music: We will go over how to pick the right music for each couple, where to find songs and how to make each song transition smoothly in the wedding video.

3. Piecing together the wedding video to create a story
    We will go over: How to create a good editing structure,where to place the audio in the wedding film for good storytelling,how to tell a story, the 3 main basic templates that will guide you for editing and we will work together on piecing a wedding video.

4. Audio
-We will go over how to perfect the audio and make it sound the best.
-I will give you my cheat sheat on the audio
-I will teach you sound effects

5. Colorgrading
Working with Lots 
How to color grade footage
Light Leaks

6. Exporting & Delivery
-I will teach you the right software program to use for exporting.
-I will teach you how to export the correct way so you have the best quality.

7. You can email me any questions. Email support lasts for 6 months.

8. After each section you complete I will review it with you. I will critique your work and offer better ways to have the best video.