How I Tailor Your Wedding Video

-Mission Statement: How awesome will the celebration be?
-Climax:epic party & seeing each other
-Film will be more of high energy while still having genuine moments and will be more focused on friends and family then the couple.

-couple want as much footage of friends and family that there is
-more of high energy video
-no slow stuff/no zoom ins
-sweet moments in video
-couple wants it to feel like someone brought a video camera to their wedding and 60 drunk people passed it around
-wants it to be like a home video and people saying sweet words and just super fun
-coupe wants to look at video 10 years from now and want to be laughing and just seeing all the people who were there in their video
-only close family and friends are at the couple's wedding
-in between moments and genuine moments couple wants in video
-more focused friends and family
-do not like corny videos

Keywords for video:
-friends/family super important ( more focused friends and family)
-having fun/laughing/dancing
-outdoors people
-high energy
-important for grandparents and parents to be in video

Must get:
-need to film: as much as their family/friends, parents, grandparents
-footage of people saying messages to the couple
-groom's ring is made from his dads' old ring 
-couple's dogs

Pre Ceremony Notes:
-couple is writing letters to each other
-bride getting ready at: Magnolia Manor at the Horse Shoe Farm
-groom getting ready at: The Magnolia Manor and then the game room

Ceremony Notes:
-start: 3:30 pm
-DJ will be at ceremony
-outside ceremony
-10 to 15 minutes long ceremony

Reception Notes:
-there is a DJ
-toasts:the maid of honor and best man
-outside reception
-brides dad will say a prayer before dinner

Below is an example of the notes that I take on a wedding day, and while I am editing.
I am extremely detail oriented so that you have a wedding video that is tailored specifically to you both as a couple.