January 2023:
Dominican Republic

Lake Tahoe
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Palm Springs California
Montauk New York
Outer Banks NC


If you book with me during any of these travel times, there will be no travel fee.

Vacation Travel Schedule: 

Bucket List Destinations:

If you book me in any of these bucket list locations you get 10% off of your package.

We are also offering 15% off of the
wedding weekend package.

A wedding weekend is 2 to 3 days instead of just your typical 8-hour wedding day.
 It is your wedding weekend filled with fun activities with the ones you love! Some examples could be like a pre-wedding day filled with hiking a waterfall with your bridal party, surfing, relaxing on the beach, or going on the boat. Then it is your wedding day! The third day is where we spend the day with just the two of you and it is the perfect way to get those special moments. It is like a mini date but with me tagging along!