1. A wedding day pre-checklist: You will learn what I do to prep for a wedding day including all the equipment I bring to a wedding. You will receive the questionaire that I send out to brides beforehand to prep for their wedding day and the cheat sheet that I use on the wedding day to help organize all the notes the couple has given me.

2. You can shadow up to 5 full weddings(the entire day).

3. When you arrive at the wedding you will work with my assistant to first learn how to set up all the cameras and audio ( I use 4 cameras, 5 audio recorders). At the second wedding, you will be setting up all the equipment with my assistant helping you. The best thing to do is to take a little video of him setting it up so that you can watch it over a few times.

4. You will be able to shadow me as I am filming the entire wedding. By the 4th wedding I will give you a gimbal to use and you can start filming (If I feel that you are ready by the second wedding I will let you film sooner).

5. You can also email me any questions you have regarding how to film a wedding.

6. You will learn exactly what I do and when I do it on the wedding day.

7. I will give you a full list of all the equipment that I use.

Email support lasts for 6 months.

You will receive: